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Jeffrey Dvorkin

Monday, September 7, 2009

Foreign Reporting In Decline?

The impact of the recession on news organizations can't be overstated. One place where the effect is most noticeable is in overseas reporting. The pressures on a reporter based in a local newsroom are both diluted and magnified by the foreign correspondent.

Diluted, because the reach of the assignment desk is diminished by time zones and distance when it comes to the foreign correspondent. Magnified, because the correspondent is out of touch for long periods of time, despite the availability of cell phones, email and satellites. The result is that the foreign correspondents who still practice the trade are increasingly an endangered species as news organizations look for cheaper ways to fill the news holes.

In a review of two books on foreign reporting for the Literary Review of Canada, I attempt to point out the necessity for excellent overseas reporting and the dangers of ego-driven journalism.

It can be found here.


  1. This link seems to be broken. Hope you'll fix it so I can read the review.