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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Re-branding CBC News as Seen by the Globe and Mail

The so-called re-branding exercise gets a thorough going over in today's G & M
, with my thoughts on this impending disaster included in the story.

My "esprit de l'escalier" moment: re-branding in fact can work, but there must be something of substance on offer once you get past the packaging.

Anchor Peter Mansbridge (for whom I have respect as a journalist) is quoted as saying it has to be this way: "I get it. It's television." Does this mean that for television to be successful, it must downplay substance and context? I don't think so when I watch CBC TV's "The Fifth Estate" or PBS' "Frontline."

If McLuhan was right when he said, "the media is the message," in the case of the re-branding National News, the message has been garbled in transmission.

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  1. McLuhan was familiar enough with Latin to have said 'the medium is the message', as he would have recognized 'media' as a plural.