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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Toronto to Cairo and Back: The Inventiveness of Students

My class at Centennial College in Toronto is made up of a dozen grad students in a fast-track journalism program. But instead of getting into the academic minutiae of teaching multi-platform journalism which is what my class is about, we decided to leap into the events going on in Egypt.

The result is a terrific website created by these students, called ToronTOCairo. Since most media are covering the broad strokes of the story, we decided to see if we can create some of the connective tissue between young people in Toronto and their cohort in Cairo.

We are using the usual multi-platform content of text, audio and video. But we are also pushing hard with User Generated Content (UGC) as well: flickr, tweets, facebook and tumblr.

The goal is to see what kinds of dialogue we can discover. So far, the twitter feeds are working and we are hearing from Cairenes only 24 hours after launching. Other media notably, The Toronto Star have commented favorably.

This story has legs and who knows where it will take us over the coming weeks.

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