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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Letter from a Loyal CBC Listener from 1993

I was looking through my bookshelves last night for a simple bookmark (where do they all disappear to?) and I saw something sticking out from a old paperback.

What I found was not a bookmark but a handwritten letter received when I was managing editor at CBC Radio.

So here it is verbatim:


to CBC Radio News June 29 1993

I come to Canada many years now. And
I listen to CBC news on the radio.

I like this news on the radio at
10 o'clock at night but one thing.
After one week and a half, about, you
stopped saying the weather for big city 
here of Hamilton and nearby. We are not
you know, Niagara, they have different
lake wind, or we are not Kitchener!
So please start again give weather where
we are.You could say, "weather for
Hamilton-Caledonia area", for instance.
We pay for CBC too! So keep up the good work.
So maybe you tell this to the lady who reads that
news.                 Thank you, I am
                                 Worzo Snarcjr

A reminder of how people love radio and feel real ownership
toward their public broadcaster. Did I answer Mr. Snarcjr?
I don't recall, but I hope so. He certainly deserved a response.

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